Women’s Puffer Gilets

When the weather starts to get cold, it’s important to bundle up well. After Winter, it’s time to rearrange your wardrobe to bring all the autumn-winter clothes within easy reach. Now, it’s also important to show off your sense of style, follow the latest trends and take the small, everyday details into account. That’s why one of the go-to items this autumn-winter season is the puffer gilet. There are plenty of different styles for different tastes.

The puffer gilet: a defining garment.

Puffer gilets are bold and allow you to show off your exceptional taste in fashion. It’s obvious why: there are many different models, and you have to know the best ways to mix and match them with the clothes you already have, like your sweaters.
Accessories are also a key factor when it comes to pulling together your looks. In the end, you have a wide variety of different fabrics, different colours and many other factors that can help you define who you are and what you want to achieve with your looks:
  • Hooded puffer gilet:

    This is an ideal item for those who want to protect themselves from the cold and the rain at the same time. The hooded puffer gilet is perfect for pairing with casual jeans and a super comfy V-neck or round neck sweater—a look that is as casual as it is versatile.
  • Faux leather puffer gilet:

    If you want a casual and elegant look that adapts to all kinds of circumstances, a faux leather puffer gilet goes perfectly with a skirt and knee-high boots in the same fabric.

The puffer gilet’s colour

After talking about some of the puffer gilets that can be found at Pull&Bear, we now have to analyse one of the most important details that must be taken into account when choosing the perfect one: the colour.
Of course, each day of the week is unique, so you don't always want to go out wearing the same colour.
Although mixing and matching the right colours together can be a bit of an issue, unless you choose black and white. And even so, they’re still colours not all women feel comfortable wearing. Therefore, it’s best to analyse each colour one by one in a simple and straightforward manner.
  • Black:

    It’s a very elegant colour that goes well on just about any article of clothing, whether linen, knitted or denim, for example. It is possible that this colour might not adapt well to your individual physical characteristics. However, generally speaking it’s ideal for those who don’t want to think too much about mixing and matching when getting dressed.
  • White:

    Undoubtedly another must-have for your wardrobe. We all know that white tends to stain easily, so it might not be ideal for every situation. However, it does go well with just about any article of clothing.
  • Bright colours:

    Red, blue and green are some of the more difficult colours to try and combine with what’s already in your wardrobe. However, adding a bit of colour to your style is where you can really make a difference and let your personality shine through. Brighter colours invite you to be bolder, more direct and more open to whatever life has in store for you.

Puffer gilets are back in style. So you can find them in all sorts of different designs, simply and practically adapting to each and every occasion. There are also models in different lengths so you can use one or the other depending on the season. Cropped gilets are more suited for wearing in autumn, while the longline styles are highly recommended for winter. However, it’s all subjective, and it depends on your own individual taste. see more See less