Women’s basic tops

You know that moment when you start eating popcorn in the cinema and you just can’t stop? Or you start watching your favourite series and can’t stop: "Just one more episode, they’re only 20 minutes long…”. You discover a new song and you play it over and over again until you know the lyrics by heart. We don’t know why, but some things in life have that effect on us. Well, the same goes for women’s basic tops. We feel like we never have enough and we don’t know if we’ll ever be able to stop adding them to our collection. Don’t worry, if this happens to you, you’re not alone.
Besides, the thing about women’s basic tops is that no matter how many elegant tops, spectacularly stunning blouses or printed sweaters you have... You always end up wearing your most basic top in the end. Just admit it, it’s your favourite. We can’t help it, they look great and they go with anything!
There are so many of those "I could wear all of them!” tops that it’s difficult to pick one (and admittedly, when we find a top that fits like a glove, we buy it in all available colours so that we have options for all of our looks).
And there are so many options nowadays that you can find all sorts of different styles, fabrics and finishes. Women’s basic tops are no longer confined to the classic short sleeve T-shirt with a round neckline. You can now categorise them by fit (tight, loose, oversized); length (cropped, waist- or hip-length, longline); sleeves (short, straps, sleeveless, bandeau, off-the-shoulder or basic long sleeve T-shirts); neckline (round neck, V-neck, square-cut, boat neck, high neck, back neckline, asymmetric, halter, Henley…); or by details (gatherings, zips, buttons, embroidery, bows, knots, pockets…). Not to mention the type of fabric, which can help you to achieve a completely different effect; and colours, of course. There are some you can’t do without, like basic strappy, short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts in black and in white. From there on, a whole colour wheel opens up and the possibilities are endless. As you can see, it’s never-ending.
Having a collection of basic women’s tops in your wardrobe is essential for planning your outfits, whether it’s just for day-to-day looks or for special occasions. Because, just like you can pair them with denim, they also look great with fitted high waist trousers and a blazer.
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