Women’s fashion jewellery

How you wear your jewellery when putting together an outfit can really affect the final result, depending on the pieces you choose. That's the power of great accessories, small details that can change everything. And why it’s so important to make the right choice for every occasion, depending on the image you want to create.
When choosing key pieces, opt for classic, timeless trends, which always work well, or statement pieces, such as a choker, which is more in keeping with current trends. It's up to you!
Minimalist accessories can always be worn without fear of getting it wrong. Gold or silver earrings, bracelets, chokers, rings and fine chains with details and beads.
If you are wondering what jewellery is in fashion at the moment, then here are some of the trends that stand out.
With earrings, maxi pieces are super popular, some of which even reach the shoulders and beyond. There are also earrings which are mismatched, some in the same style... or not!
Chokers are a great look at the moment. Chokers that are gold, wide, with beads or with multiple layers... There are heaps to choose from. Different length necklaces with small pendants on a fine chain will create a lovely composition on your neck. Wear them with a low V-neck dress in the Winter and over a monochrome basic sweater in the winter.
On your wrists, follow a design similar to your necklaces: layer several bracelets together for an eye-catching look. Mix chains with bangles and string bracelets.
As for materials, tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl and multicoloured resins make really creative jewellery for women. Shell chokers have taken centre stage this Winter. The marine theme is back and so are pearls. But not in their usual style. Combined to create new, more informal jewellery that you can wear every day.
Ethnic jewellery is also claiming its place among the most popular accessory trends, with colourful and varied beads inspired by nature.
When selecting your pieces of jewellery, remember that less is usually more, and it's the little details which create the biggest impact. see more See less