Black dresses for women

Did you know that black dresses are a staple in your wardrobe? The concept that black clothes are sad and boring is a complete myth. Thanks to this colour, we are able to create a wide variety of looks.
Black adapts to all kinds of situations. We can wear black garments both to the office and for nights out. One of its main advantages is that it slims the figure and highlights natural curves. Also, black dresses often exude a touch of elegance and sophistication.
In 1926, Coco Chanel, one of the world's great fashion icons, turned it into an essential garment.
Despite the versatility of this garment, we need to know how to select the most appropriate style for each occasion. Let's see what the basic recommendations are.

When to choose each type of dress

Thanks to being black, the dresses are very versatile, but keep in mind that for more formal events, it is always better to wear dresses below the knee. Somewhat tight or fitted styles are recommended.
As for the fabric, one of the most versatile is knitted, perfect for pairing with a pair of court shoes in the same colour or any other discreet colour.
If you're going out to a party at night, you have thousands of possibilities to choose from. On one hand, you have the most elegant option, with a long black dress, which can be floor-length or below the knee, or you can even choose a short one for a more daring touch.
If tight dresses aren't your thing, you can wear those that have box pleats, ruffles and even tulle.
Due to its depth, red is one of the colours that goes best with black. Add a touch of red with your accessories such as shoes, bag or belt.
"Mini" size bags are ideal for going to parties. Also, they are so easy to carry. Leave larger bags for going to the office and for day-to-day use.
If you want a look for an informal meeting, basic black dresses are also an option for work or other daily routine tasks.
Go for a basic style, a bit loose-fitting and just above the knee. The difference lies in the footwear—you can pair it with some military boots, ballet flats and even white trainers, which never fail.

How to avoid mistakes with black dresses?

Even though black dresses are a very simple garment to pair, you will have to be careful and avoid making some of the most common mistakes.
Rule out any dark blue or brown accessories or garments with your black dress, as they are dark tones that barely stand out and can spoil the elegance and cleanliness of your outfit. Remember that contrasting red or white is always a plus. As for your legs, put your opaque tights away and opt for fishnet or transparent styles, much more stylish and discreet.
For fabrics, velvet or satin can be too much of a statement, so the best option is to reserve them for very special occasions.
More often than not, choosing one dress or another depends on feelings, on how you feel in it, but we always have our favourite one reserved for those times when we want to look our best.
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