Men's Standard Fit Jeans

Men’s relaxed fit jeans are probably the comfiest option when it comes to donning a pair of jeans. They might be no comparison to tracksuit bottoms, but wide-leg jeans provide the greatest possible comfort as far as denim goes. They’re also referred to as relaxed fit jeans owing to their casual design and the carefree lifestyle they invoke that always places comfort as the number-one priority.
First of all, the mid-rise waist featured on men’s wide-leg jeans ensures maximum comfort to this part of the body. The fit around the thighs is also relaxed, with a practically straight cut to the knee. From the knee down, the jeans flare out ever so slightly, creating a wide-leg effect at the bottom. This is precisely how they differ from regular fit designs.
Despite being a comfy option, they might not be suited to all body types. They look better on a slimmer figure, whereas they’ll emphasise curves on larger body types, making the legs look wider than they actually are.
Many of the designs feature wide, oversized pockets, giving off a wider effect on the trousers and the legs when wearing them. They also come in different fabrics. Take chino trousers , for instance, which often feature belt loops and side pockets. Denim is another possible option, and they’ll look great topped with an accessory, for example a chain on the side of the waist. Chambray fabric is coming on strong this season, proving to be an excellent choice for mild temperatures. You can also experiment with different lengths to create a variety of looks with a single pair of trousers. see more See less