Men’s Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Men’s sweatshirts first came onto the scene as the top choice for workouts and going to the gym. Afterwards, they managed to make the leap from sportswear to streetwear, proliferating amongst the younger generation, as they were attracted to the garment’s inherent comfort and versatility.
Thus, they went from being "men’s sportswear” to being "men’s formalwear”, a concept that few could have even conceived of in the past. This garment has become a staple of everyday looks and has earned a privileged space in every man’s wardrobe.
Its popularity has meant that today we have access to a wide variety of men’s sweatshirts. Hoodies are probably the most popular. What’s that? Men’s hoodies are hooded sweatshirts which often feature drawstrings and kangaroo pockets. They come in half-zip, zip-up or pullover versions, as well as basic with a round neck (sometimes with a V-neck) and with elasticated cuffs and hem. Any one of them is perfect!

How to combine your Sweatshirts or Hoodies

Now that we’ve got the model down, it’s time to decide between basic or printed men’s sweatshirts. The former is more classic: a single plain colour that pairs with anything. As far as prints are concerned, new trends are adding all sorts of details to our favourite garments. Paying homage to vintage TV series and films is very trendy right now; surely you’ve seen your favourite fictional characters happily strolling through the streets of your city on the front or back of someone’s T-shirt or sweatshirt. On the other hand, clothes featuring a slogan have also become more popular in recent years. Feminist, animal activist and environmentalist slogans, among many others, have also found a place on the front of our favourite garments.
When it comes to donning a sweatshirt, there’s a range of messages and slogans to choose from. Selecting a pair of trousers is a piece of cake—besides any style of jeans, you have joggers, cargo or tailored trousers or even chinos as options. If you’re looking for a more modern touch, opt for a cropped length and white trainers with the socks showing. As for the top, a standard formula that often yields good results is to put on a basic white T-shirt under your sweatshirt. Choose the style of jacket you like: denim, bomber or biker. If you’re wearing a hoodie, keep the hood on the outside, of course.
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