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Men’s polo shirts

Men’s polo shirts are that item that allow us to be well-dressed without resorting to wearing a shirt. It is that hybrid between a T-shirt and a shirt that combines comfort, first and foremost, with elegance, both of which are as important as the other. Just as a man’s wardrobe couldn’t be complete without a vast array of T-shirts and a solid collection of shirts, the polo shirt is also a staple.
This nuanced elegance is due to the fact that the polo shirt was born as a sports item of clothing. It was quickly adopted by the tennis, polo and golf worlds, who gave it its esteemed characteristic between formal and casual (because it is widely known that these sports have always been very sophisticated). Thus, from the sporting world, the polo shirt moved onto the streets, until it became a staple garment. People of all different types, styles and class have worn a polo shirt, even in elite fashion (those who set the trends).
Gradually, the original men’s short sleeve polo shirt distanced itself from the world of sport from which it emerged, and today, there’s such a wide and varied selection, much to our delight. The premise is always the same: piqué or knit fabric, a neck opening, usually with a henley button placket (although there is also a zipped alternative), and a collar. From there, the options are endless.
A basic men’s polo shirt is in one colour, an elegant choice for going to work, for example, if the dress code allows for it. Pairing it with some chinos and your choice of footwear is a comfortable and acceptable choice (and even more comfortable if you can wear trainers instead of shoes). Another basic could also be considered as those that feature detailing in another colour, such as a stripe on the edge of the collar and sleeves, as well as buttons.
However, the polo shirt has reinvented itself and no longer adheres to the norms of its beginnings. Today, you can find printed styles with all different types of fabric motifs. The most common are stripes and colour block panels, but you can also see checks, tropical prints and embroidery on the most original styles.
To meet the same needs as the short sleeve polo shirt however in summer, the men’s long sleeve polo shirt was born. Its characteristics and way of wearing it are the same as for the short-sleeved design, but just warmer so that you don’t get cold.
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