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Women’s high-waist jeans

It’s official! High-waist jeans are back to put mid-waist and low-waist jeans to shame. At Pull&Bear, we’ve got all of the hottest high-waist jeans on the market; which pair suits you best?
The high-rise fit is guaranteed to flatter any woman’s body. Firstly, because it accentuates the waistline; secondly, because it shapes the figure by placing the focal point at the waist (giving that hourglass figure illusion); and last but not least, because a high-rise fit will always make us seem taller and noticeably enhance the figure.
So if you’re planning on wearing, say, some high-waist carpenter jeans , pair them with a crop top If you’re more into high-waist baggy jeans, a loose-fitting T-shirt
If high-waist super skinny jeans jive better with your style , a ribbed top will match just perfectly. You can also try teaming some high-waist, military-style jeans with a vest top
High-waist jeans flatter the figure, so heeled sandals That doesn’t mean they won’t look gorgeous when teamed with some sneakers or military boots.
If you’re going for a more formal look and want to relish in the comfort high-waist jeans have to offer, your outfit won’t be complete without a blouse or shirt
Endless combos await you at Pull&Bear. What are you waiting for? Check out our selection of high-waist jeans and pick your faves! see more See less