Flat sandals

We’ve got a confession to make: once Autumn is over and the very first signs of Winter begin to peek around the corner, all we need is for the temperature to show even the slightest hint of rising to break out our beloved pair of flat sandals. Every year it’s the same—We’ve missed them so much!
When we bump into the first brave souls of the year to bring their toes out of hiding, we know the Winter season has begun. There’s no time to lose! Winter is here! Many of us spend the year longing for that moment when the sun bestows its life-giving rays, thus welcoming in the season that allows us to free our feet from closed-toe shoes.
When that moment finally arrives, we immediately start to mix and match our entire wardrobe, mentally putting together the Winter ensembles awaiting us.
If you’ve had a look at the Pull&Bear women’s flat sandal collection you’ll have noticed that there are as many options as you can imagine. We’ve put all our creativity into this selection, because that’s what Winter is all about! Fresh, bold and carefree ideas. We know that choosing is going to be the hardest part, so we’re going to give you some suggestions on how to wear them. Maybe then you can narrow it down to a few favourites.
The best thing about sandals is that they go with practically everything, so you can opt for a casual look with flats, or you can switch them out for heels to give yourself a neater touch. Voilà! Besides, they’re very comfortable, and no outfit can resist them.
This year, slide sandals are taking over, much to the delight of all footwear fanatics. They’re light, comfortable, and they go with any look. For example, with that floral mini dress you can’t get enough of. Use a jute crossbody bag and put your hair up with a striped bow. A perfect look for Winter nights on city terraces or hanging out at the beach bar.
Buckled flat sandals are one of our favourite models. With just this simple detail, you can lend a touch of personality to your style. Pair them with some high-rise denim shorts with rolled-up hems and a monochrome crop top layered with a printed oversized shirt on top.
Roman sandals always come back with up-to-date models featuring fresh embellishments. Wear them with a printed midi dress or a midi skirt and top combo. Complete your outfit with a leather crossbody bag, and you’ll be ready to tour all the Winter festivals.
These are just a few ideas—now it’s up to you to open your wardrobe doors and imagine the freshest looks. see more See less