When you find the perfect T-shirt, what do you do? Buy it in two different colours, of course! It's only natural to want more of all the things you like best. That's why our twin set models are going to be your best friend this season—because when you really like a certain fabric, print, or style… Why should you have to choose between wearing it as a top or a bottom? Why not have both?
The classic outfits that were so popular in the ‘90s have just returned to the fashion spotlight, and they've become our new most-wanted trend!
So, if you'd like to enjoy the beautiful weather during the day, but not feel chilly once the sun goes down, you can't go wrong pairing a crop top with a matching cardigan; it's the combo that'll go perfectly with all your Winter plans, adding that extra touch of classic elegance embodied by the twin set. You can mix and match and try out new things, adding your own personal touch to the look with textures or by teaming prints with plain colours.
Another great option for this season would be to go for a short sleeve shirt or one with no sleeves and pair it with a matching cardigan. When matching a colour, print or fabric on the top and bottom half of your outfit, you have an array of options: you could opt for a skirt, shorts or trousers to create the perfect head-to-toe look. You could create a set that includes a puff sleeve top and a flounced or draped bottom.
If you're looking for a twin set style influenced by other top trends, you'll look great in an athleisure-style outfit. Joggers worn with hoodies or round neck sweatshirts in the same colour and style as their details: side stripes, drawstrings, elastic cuffs and hems…
The twin set is getting ready to burst into your wardrobe. Discover all the options at Pull&Bear and kit yourself out in your favourite one. see more See less