Women’s straight-leg jeans

The most classic, the ones that never go out of style, that flatter all figures....They are on trend, you’ll already have noticed: we’re talking about women’s straight-leg jeans. Find out more about this iconic piece of women’s fashion, that should never be missing from your wardrobe. The truth is that women’s straight-leg jeans are one of those extraordinary garments that are considered a must at any time of year, whatever the season or occasion. Is there something magical in the design of women’s straight-leg jeans that makes them look good on everyone?

Women’s straight-leg jeans: a garment that never goes out of style

Season after season, the runways propose a new version of this piece of clothing, that first came into existence in 1873 on American soil. These original trousers, that were created to withstand the tough conditions the gold seekers put them through, have been with us ever since.
A pair of jeans is an almost mystical garment: it is reborn and reinvented. It is transformed, and renewed. And it surprises us with its novelties, while remaining the same as ever. This constant change gives us skinny jeans that cling to us almost like a second skin, stylish flared jeans that exude elegance, irreverent boyfriend jeans that we love for their comfort and ease... And so many other styles, finishes, and colours.
However, only one design remains faithful to its origins and essence. Only one resists the passage of time, and survives the vagaries of fashion: straight-leg jeans.
Why? Because their cut looks good on everyone! Because it is a style that suits all figures, and because their versatility allows them to be part of any outfit.

How do you know if a pair of jeans is straight cut?

With so many designs available, it is sometimes difficult to tell straight-leg jeans from skinny jeans, right?
Well, as well as the obvious, which is to check what the label says,you should bear in mind that women’s classic straight-leg jeans have a straight line that goes from the hip to the ankle, and is perpendicular. In other words, the fit of the leg does not widen or taper all the way from the hip to the hem, remaining the same width all along the length.
Not clear yet? Don’t worry! With this tip, you can easily tell if jeans are straight-cut: take one of the legs of the jeans, and fold it in half. If the width of the fabric is equal on both parts of the leg, you have in your hands a pair of true straight-leg jeans.

A classic that goes with all trends.

We mentioned above that these jeans possess a kind of magical quality that makes them the perfect jeans for all women. The magic of straight-leg jeans lies in their cut, which enhances all silhouettes. The straight, restrained, balanced lines of women’s straight-leg jeans follow your figure delicately, without squeezing it. So the silhouette is guessed at, left to the imagination, shown without being shown off.
How have straight-leg jeans evolved? As well as using new textile blends, which provide better stretch and comfort, and being dyed with a multitude of colours and shades, to satisfy all tastes and personalities, the iconic straight leg of this style of trousers transfers and fuses with other styles. Pedal pushers, cropped, at the hip, at the waist, wide waistband, frayed, with patches... The variations are endless: what is constant is the straight line from the hip to the end of the leg.

How to show off women’s straight-leg jeans?

However you like! We have said from the beginning: these jeans go with everything, and go with you wherever you go. High-waist straight cut jeans, combined with a top and trainers, are perfect for going outside into the street...
If the trousers have eye-catching details, such as patches, zips, or decorative pockets, it is best if the garments you wear with them are quite discreet, so there is a balance; if not, play with accessories: a striking leather belt that hugs your waist, a sheer ruched blouse, a biker jacket... Have fun and show off your own style.
Women’s straight-leg trousers are perfect for wearing under capes and long coats. Wear them with shoes or ankle boots, and you’ll be sure of a runway outfit. Women’s straight-leg jeans are here to stay with their classic, modern, style and their endless forms. Straight-leg jeans are your best ally in any of their versions. Make the most of them!
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