Women’s midi skirts

Midi skirts have become this season’s favourite garment in their own right. Ever since we started to see them on the world’s most important runways, the call began to spread like wildfire for more models, more colours, more shapes... But always mid-leg. So much so, that today we’d be hard pressed to find a woman’s wardrobe without this much-desired piece amongst its crown jewels. Find your favourite at Pull&Bear!
The truth is that there’s no occasion in which a midi skirt isn't the right attire. Whether in casual everyday situations, with a long denim skirt, or at gala events with a satin midi skirt, you’ll always look great. A timeless, versatile pattern that looks flattering on every woman – perfectly justifiable reasons for its enormous popularity.
Another of the virtues of our favourite skirt is that it works just as well when the temperatures drop as it does when the thermometer starts to rise. Want some ideas for matching it? Here are some.
It really does go with practically everything, but one choice that will always be a hit is to include a leather jacket or a denim jacket on top. This will help make your midi skirt a bit less elegant and give your outfit an everyday informal touch, a combination we love.
Another of our favourite outfits is a knit cardigan or sweater tucked into your long denim skirt. You can also add a belt. And a blazer to top it off. With some ankle boots, now you’ve got the perfect look either for a day at the office or to go out for a drink with your friends.
For footwear, these skirts go with everything from the most informal to the most dressy options. You can round out your look with something chunky (even showing your socks!) and no one will be shocked. Flat shoes? Those too! Ankle boots? Why not! Heels? Absolutely! Anything goes!
For your evening midi skirt, pick a model with volume or the exact opposite, with a light drape. Models with shiny lightweight fabrics are also ideal. On top, wear a crop top or a lace-trimmed blouse. The bag, small and cute, and some heeled sandals for the finishing touch. Over the shoulders, a blazer. An unbeatable look!
What’s more, as proof of their infinite versatility, more and more girls and women are even wearing midi skirts to weddings, as they’re the ideal fit for both day and night ceremonies. The mid-leg length gives them the precise elegance according to the protocol for daytime celebrations and keeps us from missing the fall of a longer skirt when the wedding takes place at night. Always ideal! see more See less