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Plain hoodies and sweatshirts for women

Fashion is capable of diversifying garments and styles that originated for a specific purpose so that they’re opened up for different uses. We’ve witnessed it in the military domain, which is the origin, for example, of cargo trousers or bomber jackets; we’ve seen it with work wear, which has given us garments like the turtleneck sweater or the almighty denim; and the field of sport also serves to break workout clothes out of the gym. Joggers or leggings are great examples of this. But what we want to talk about right now is basic women's sweatshirts, a garment that won’t just keep you company while you exercise, but will also come with you to class, on trips or when you go out for a beer with friends.
This is a simple, but tremendously practical and comfy, type of clothing (something inherited from its origin in sportswear). The most urban of styles are nourished by the basic sweatshirt, with or without a hood, to create oversized, casual and athleisure-style looks.
We’re going give you some ideas here for choosing your day-to-day looks with this garment as the star of the show.
Basic women’s sweatshirts bring a touch of colour to the top half of your outfit so they tolerate being combined with print garments perfectly. Go for a black and red check print pleated skirt, put on a red sweatshirt without a hood, some black military boots, and for accessories some cateye sunglasses, a black beret and a black backpack with silvery studs and a metallic zip, and you’ll achieve a very powerful, ground-breaking look.
By contrast, you could also create a simple outfit based on monochrome garments. Try to get your distinguishing point from the detail in the garments. For example, in jeans with unfinished hems or slightly flared jeans; in belts with large and striking buckles; or in accessories like wool hats.
Here’s another knock out idea for wearing your hoodie: pick a silver metallic mini skirt and wear it with an oversized short sleeve T-shirt in blue, put on those white chunky style trainers with multicoloured touches and thick soles; and pull your socks up so they can be seen. And your sweatshirt in grey ... Wow!
Pick up your basic women’s sweatshirt from Pull&Bear and start imagining all the outfits you can create with it. see more See less