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Women’s printed dresses

Printed dresses: you probably have one (or several) in your wardrobe. No one can beat them—we can’t stop thinking about them and they’re the permanent objects of desire for fashion lovers.
Don’t let the good weather catch you unprepared: pull out those dresses that you’ll take out for a spin when the sun is shining. For those types of occasions, prints are a winner. Maybe it’s because we find vitality and happiness in their patterns, maybe because they make our figure look amazing or maybe it’s because we feel comfortable and look great when we wear them. Or maybe it’s all of the above.
Which are our favourites? OK, yes, we like them all, but if we had to choose a queen of the prints for our favourite garments, it’s a floral print dress. They’ve probably never gone out of style, and they probably never will. In all of their varieties, colours and shapes: large, small, tropical, Oriental… It doesn’t matter how, as long as it’s all about the flowers.
Another print we love and that seems to stick around forever are polka dot print dresses. We don’t know what it is about those little dots that contrast with the background, but they have us hypnotised. They are so feminine and flattering, with a romantic air and flowing designs.
Stripes also continue to hold their place on the podium. A nautical stripe dress always saves you on one of those days where you’re just not sure “what to wear”. Stripes are always in fashion and are a safe bet.
And we can’t forget animal print, one of the queens of recent seasons. Leopard is the most savage and popular of all, but snakeskin print is also making some headway among printed dresses. Lastly, we’re also seeing lots of zebra and cow prints on all types of garments, including footwear.
Dresses with geometric prints are also gaining ground in recent trends. We love their bright colours and shapes that contrast with the background.
The print that’s arrived this season and broken the mould is classic tie-dye, which features discoloured figures on fabrics to create psychedelic shapes. While the hippie movement made it fashionable in the ‘60s and ‘70s, now it’s making a strong comeback.
Remember that your bags and accessories should be more monochrome so that your dress can stand out from the other elements of your look.
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