Cool Jeans

We all know that a woman's wardrobe basics can be rather complex; but if there is one garment beyond the basics that can no woman can do without, it is undoubtedly a pair of jeans. However, it can be extremely difficult to find a pair that are able to bring that special touch to your look by themselves without having to add accessories. That's why, at Pull&Bear we have created a selection of unique jeans you can wear to break the monotony.

The latest and most unique jeans

Colour block jeans: you’ve probably seen these jeans around, but maybe you're not certain what to call them. As their name implies, colour block jeans are jeans in two different colours or shades. These jeans are very fun to wear. They stand out for their striking contrast and are the perfect garment if you want to turns heads with your outfit or develop your own style.
Patchwork jeans: in a world dominated by plain jeans and straight-leg silhouettes, patchwork jeans are a bold and worthwhile option for your wardrobe. These trousers combine jeans with patches made of other fabrics for a ‘60s Bohemian style where blue denim contrasts with patches in different shapes, colours and textures. It’s almost like wearing a patchwork quilt. This style of jeans brings a causal and relaxed feel to your look without sacrificing style.
Embroidered jeans: adding embroidered details to jeans is the best way to give a touch of colour for a modernised garment that will make your outfit stand out. You can find them in all shapes and colours, from floral motifs that rise up the thigh to sequins and seams along the leg. Embroidery is one way of giving a personal touch to your jeans.
Ripped jeans: jeans with rips, holes and frayed edges create an untidy look and offer a dose of grunge to your outfits.
Printed jeans: the distinguishing appearance of printed jeans can be the touch you need to create a different style with a simple pair of trousers. Break the monotony and choose your favourite print!
Inverted jeans: this new style of jeans, inspired by the television series Stranger Things, are basically normal jeans upside down: the waistband, belt loops and pockets are now where the hems or cuffs should be. Unique, no? You won’t find anything else like them.

What to wear with your cool jeans

A pair of cool jeans can be worn just like normal jeans — with absolutely everything!
While jeans are not the usual choice for a night on the town, if you give them an extra touch of elegance, you can be extra comfortable without sticking out like a sore thumb. To do so, just add a few elegant accessories: a boat neck top with exposed shoulders, high heels, a clutch bag and matching scarlet lips and a black belt with a large buckle to match your earrings.
For a more everyday look, wear them with a turtleneck sweater or a blazer.
Pair your skinny fit cool jeans with other garments in light tones, such as white or cream tops and shoes. White T-shirts in particular look amazing when paired with denim fabric.
Jeans are much more than a basic, monotonous garment: with new and daring designs combined with colours, fabrics and textures, you can create truly unique and eye-catching outfits.
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