Men’s straight-leg jeans

Men’s straight-leg jeans are the most classic style of jeans that has managed to stay in fashion over the years. A few decades ago, this was the only design you could find, and men were the main ones wearing this cut. Now they’re back in fashion, because these iconic jeans could never go out of style—not to mention they offer a certain level of comfort that other models can’t provide.
Also referred to as regular fit trousers, this garment is characterised by the amount of comfort you feel while wearing them.

How to wear your straight leg jeans

The straight fit is suited well to any body type, making them perfect for men of all shapes and sizes. These trousers don’t become tighter or baggier in any specific area, they have an even cut along the entire leg. This creates a “straight” silhouette, giving you a more svelte appearance when you have them on.
There are many different styles within the straight-cut trousers category. Some feature a five-pocket design with a zip fly and top button. Others can be distinguished based on the fading of the fabric: some feature a distressed finish while others don’t. They can also be stretchy or not, providing an added feature that suits the straight cut well.
In addition, within the colour range characterising denim, you can find shade variations that make the jeans lighter or darker. As such, it’s easy to pair them with the rest of your wardrobe, opting for lighter shades during the hotter seasons, for example. Otherwise, darker shades may be a wise choice for going out at night—you can try pairing them with a black jacket. You can even find designs in black. see more See less