Men’s original T-shirts

How many T-shirts have you got? Loads. How many do you actually wear? A few. How many do you love? Not many. Have you got some favourites? One. Welcome to the reality of your wardrobe. We get dressed everyday (that’s for sure), but a lot of the time we do it automatically without paying attention to what or how. So here’s a thought: What about throwing in a bit of creativity on a daily basis? If you want to spice up your life, you have to get away from the routine. That’s why we say: no to boredom, no to same old, same old, yes to fun. So at Pull&Bear we’ve created a collection of men’s licensed T-shirts to help with this mission. After reading all this, you’ll have to get yours.
If you’re wondering what you can find among this selection, the answer is a little bit of everything—there are varieties for every taste. If your childhood was lived out in the ‘90s, you can connect with your inner child through designs that bring back some of the most legendary cartoons of the decade. From the Looney Tunes with their crazy stories to the action and adventures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Ghostbusters. You can also pay tribute to the characters from films that defined you as a child, such as that adorable extraterrestrial who was constantly asking to go home or those small, hairy creatures that went crazy if they got wet.
And while we’re on the subject of cartoons, those TV series which are always topical, regardless of how many years go by, are also depicted on our men’s licensed T-shirts. We are referring to, for example, the yellowest, most legendary family in America (The Simpsons, who else?) or the group of six buddies that marked a before and after in the history of sitcoms (Friends!).
If you prefer superhero T-shirts, you can wear your favourites from Marvel as part of your outfit. Cinema is at the forefront of this collection, which has prompted some of the most charismatic characters from films in recent decades to make a comeback. The Dude, Marty McFly and Rocky Balboa mustn’t be left out. The Big Lebowski, Back to the Future and the renowned boxer from Philadelphia have passed into the history of film, and now they’re making their way through our clothes.
We mustn’t forget band T-shirts. This year you’ll be more than ready for the festival season with garments featuring your favourite bands. AC/DC, Guns N' Roses or The Rolling Stones, always on your playlists and on your concert outfits too.
Remember, create your complete look with your favourite trousers or jeans. We suggest choosing more basic designs so that the T-shirt stands out. And in Winter, some basic Bermuda shorts will go perfectly.
Don’t forget to give your wardrobe a twist this season with our men’s licensed T-shirts. see more See less