Accessories for men

You know that feeling when you're seduced by a certain look, and you’re not sure why? You’re positive it’s not the clothes; there’s nothing that stands out about them after all. So what is it? Well, it might have something to do with the men's accessories that are being worn to complement the outfit. Details say a lot about a look. Sometimes, details are everything.
Would you also like to know how to take your style up a notch, adding that certain "je ne sais quoi”? Now it’s easier than ever, with the wide range of accessories for men that Pull&Bear has designed just for you. And what does it include? Everything you need to turn the simplest look into something phenomenal. Take a look and find out for yourself!
Go to our men's caps and hats section for instance, and start imagining all the ways you can match them with the clothes in your wardrobe. And not only that, you’ll be adding a splash of personality to your look. Sounds good, right? Well, don't stop there. Now go to our collection of men's scarves. Think how you can include them in your day to day style, and the sheer number of ways they can be worn. Have you considered what a bandanna can do for man’s outfit? Well, here’s what: a great deal!
Tie it around the waistband of your trousers for a super stylish belt. And if you fancy it, why not attach a key chain to the belt loop? Match your cropped trousers with some long athleisure-style socks (white, with two contrasting stripes around the top); go for a printed pair to wear with your Bermuda shorts; or what about some no show socks with your favourite trainers? The options are limitless.
Among our men's accessories we feature a jewellerysection which you won’t be able to resist, with bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants in a wide range of styles. And we can’t move on without naming our two star accessories: a watch and a pair of sunglasses!
You can also give some life to your mobile phone with our smartphone cases and choose your favourite men's wallet from our collection. A special mention must also go to our variety of men's backpacks and belt bags, created just for you. One for each occasion? Why not?! And if you think we've forgotten about underwear... you can think again! We also have the perfect men’s underwear in our accessories range. And to top it all off, we have our fragrance section.
You’ll find absolutely everything you need in our accessories for men. So don’t miss out! see more See less