Long ago, fashion ceased to be merely functional, as it became a means of expression—a way of stating who we are, what we like and what we believe in. It’s a way to reveal our true personality to the world. That’s why choosing the outfits that’ll fill your wardrobe is no small task. In this sense, one of the classic favourites are women’s printed T-shirts, which long ago became one of the best ways to show off your tastes.
The world of creative expression is wide open thanks to T-shirts with original printed designs. As someone wise once said: you’re only limited by your imagination. You can check out our selection by having a look at Pull&Bear’s collection online. Come and see for yourself!

Find your new favourite women’s printed shirt at Pull&Bear

If you’d like to get your hands on a T-shirt based on your favourite series or film, your favourite band or your favourite artist, you’ve come to the right place. We’re referring to the extensive selection of official merchandise we’ve pulled together just for you. From Money Heist to Friends to Stranger Things; from Wonder Woman to Mickey Mouse to Baby Yoda; from Beauty and the Beast to Star Wars to the Care Bears; and from Guns n’ Roses to the Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin.
Some prints you’ve simply got to have for a good wardrobe. For example, floral prints. For example, striped prints. And of course, polka dots. If you look in your wardrobe, you’ll likely find that one of the T-shirts you wear the most features one of these prints (you might even have one of each).
If you want to show off T-shirts with original prints, don’t miss the slogan T-shirts we have for you. If you want your reputation to precede you, compose your thoughts and let your T-shirt speak for you.
You’ll love our printed T-shirts for women with floral motifs, references to astronomy, and suns, moons and stars.
And not only is your choice of printed tee important, but also how you wear it. Normally you’d wear it for casual looks, but it’ll also go well with more dressed-up outfits. Want to wear your favourite T-shirt to a party? No problem: pair it with a high-waist pleated skirt, some sandals or trainers and a pair of black socks, for example. The accessories are up to you.
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