Women’s long sleeve tops

What is it you look for in women’s long sleeve tops? Maybe you’re after a specific fit, a fabric that feels comfortable, a particular colour, or perhaps you’re on the lookout for a detail that’s caught on, for example flared sleeves or front buttons. Whatever it is you’re after, you’ll find it at Pull&Bear.
Women’s basic long sleeve tops are a wardrobe must-have. Plus, the more colours you fill your wardrobe with, the more options you’ll have to create varied looks for every day. When building up your collection, always make sure to have one in black and one in white. Why, you ask? The answer is pretty simple: there’s nothing that doesn’t go with these basic colours, so you can probably combine them with 100% of the clothes in your wardrobe. Imagine you get your hands on the ideal skirt or a pair of trousers with a bold print. When you want the bottom part of your outfit to pop out, go for a basic top that won’t steal the limelight. That way you’ll create balanced combos that you can finish off with your favourite accessories. Pick out your favourite pair of shoes, and you’ll look dressed to kill! Any type of footwear goes with a blouse, and keep in mind that this season trainers also look perfect when paired with formal clothing.
If, on the other hand, you’re looking for unique women’s long sleeve tops that will add a striking edge to your image, our collection has plenty of eye-catching prints and silhouettes to offer. Choose one of our animal or chain print T-shirts, for instance—two trends that are all the rage right now. With prints as bold as these, you’ll be able to wear a more discrete bottom garment and your look will still make an impression.
The neckline you opt for will also add different dimensions to your outfits. For elegant occasions, go for a flowing top with a wrap-style front and a V-neckline; as for casual outings, you can always rely on the versatile and appropriate round neckline. But the options don’t end there: high necks are one of the most popular choices when it comes to women’s long sleeve tops. You could always go for one with zip or button fastening, like the classic henley placket. Turtlenecks and boat necks are also great options, just to name a couple.
You can also turn to other details that will make your clothing stand out, such as volume, zips or gathered detailing. Even the choice of fabric can be crucial: the resulting effect would be totally different if you were to decide on a ribbed top instead of a tulle number, for instance.
Take a look at our collection and start imagining all the outfits you can create with our selection of women’s long sleeve tops. see more See less