Women’s skinny jeans

Skinny fit jeans are the quintessential fitted jeans style. They’re the ones that feature a tighter fit from waist to ankle. Out of all the models, they’re the most like an extra layer of skin. The rise can vary depending on the trend you’re going for, so we’ll leave it up to you to choose the ones that best flatter your figure.
The rise can be low, glued to your hips, medium, just above the naval or high; the high sizing in women’s skinny jeans is causing quite a stir, since these jeans typically tend to be mid-rise.
But it’s true that one of the advantages of skinny jeans—and what makes them so popular—is that there are many different types, models, and styles, and every month we have new arrivals coming in. There’s a style of skinny jeans for every body type, and at Pull&Bear we’ve got ‘em all. You’re sure to find the pair that works best for you.
Women's skinny jeans are made of stretchy material—in order to hug your leg as they do, it couldn’t be any other way. The advantage that never goes unnoticed with this style of jeans is that they have a slimming effect on the legs and figure. They’re a must-have piece for your wardrobe, and they go with just about any look.
Whether Winter or Summer, women’s skinny jeans are a staple that you can use 365 days a year and they’re suitable for practically any time or occasion. Find out which are your favourites and which style works best for you.

How to combine your skinny jeans for women

For a more formal look, we recommend choosing classic colours that are appropriate to the occasion and combined with a blazer. But if what you’re going for is a more casual outfit, then opt for a pair with a faded finish or capris, and then team them up with some flats.
At Pull&Bear, we have them in every possible style: denim-coloured or coloured, printed, ripped, faded, capri, etc. There’s an infinite number of possibilities. Skinny jeans always look good with ankle boots urban trainers , creating a more casual look. Wearing oversized clothing with skinny jeans is trending right now, since it creates the perfect balance between a loose-fitting top and a fitted bottom. Dare to check out the endless range of models we have at Pull&Bear! see more See less