Women’s mom jeans

Mom fit jeans, the ‘90s denim trend par excellence. These jeans literally refer to jeans your mum would wear, and they’re here to stay. Some say they’ve come to dethrone the skinny fit
Many think that mom jeans are hard to wear, but that’s not true. These jeans are a classic, and the classics never go out of style. Spotting them is very simple: they’re a style of jeans with a high rise that cinches at the waist, but they’re characterised by having a straight and wide leg that tapers at the ankle. They are the most versatile style of jeans in fashion right now, suitable for both formal and informal looks. They are a pure reflection of ‘90s trends, and they’re the jeans that Princess Diana made popular!
Ironically, these jeans have been referred to as normcore jeans, for all those who wanted to turn their backs on the latest trends and achieve a more conventional look. Well, the world of fashion has turned around once again and managed to transform these jeans into the ultimate trend. If you know Pull&Bear, then you know our motto: everything old is new again. So, what’s keeping you from having a look at our mom fit models?
Mixing and matching with mom jeans is very simple: shirts and blouses Plain or printed oversized T-shirts are also especially popular for tucking in. Crop tops or ribbed tops are other options to consider. When it comes to pairing your mom jeans with footwear, don’t hold back. From heels to military boots, whatever you choose will go perfectly.
Within our category of mom fit jeans, you’ll also find a wide range of styles like the baggy jeans that you can mix and match for all sorts of looks to rock in your day-to-day life. You’ll find mom fit trousers with a narrower leg and a higher waist, with and without tie-dye trims, ripped, with an elasticated waist, decorative buttons, with a stretchy waist to adapt perfectly to your hip or with military prints. Have you seen all our new models yet? see more See less