Jeans for woman

No matter your style, a pair of jeans will never let you down. Jeans are so versatile—no wardrobe would be complete without a pair, because they go with everything, whether you’re going for a formal look or a casual outfit. They come in all colours and styles, so you can always find a pair of jeans that reflects your personal style.
When it comes to jeans, we can’t help falling head over heels time and time again. Every season a new style takes over, be it old school or the latest trend. You can always rely on Pull&Bear to bring the latest street style fashion taking cities by storm and shaping new trends. We’ve got countless designs waiting for you, so come and take a look at our selection of women’s jeans and find the design that suits you best! And remember: they’re the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Discover your ideal jeans

The best thing about there being so many types of jeans on the market is that you can add a different twist to your outfit every single day. There are hundreds of women’s jeans out there, and you could almost say there’s an endless array of designs. Mom jeans are the ‘90s throwback that has made an impressive comeback in recent times. A waist as high as the sky and a baggy fit down the entire leg are the two features that pretty much sum up mom jeans. They’re a style staple whatever the season; in Winter, pair them with some sandals or flats; in Winter, go all out and team them with some military boots. If you’re shooting for slim and shapely legs, skinny jeans A plain or printed blouse teamed with some skinny jeans will make for another great combo. Women’s push-up to add that extra layer of sophistication.
Any item of clothing will go like a dream with jeans, it all really depends on the occasion. For laid-back and informal get-togethers, pair them with one of our street-style sweatshirts .
If, however, the event calls for a touch of formality, top off the look with a blouse or shirt that will rise to the occasion.

Your jeans await you at Pull&Bear

At Pull&Bear our collection of women’s jeans covers all types of styles and fits you could possibly imagine. Choose from heaps of designs of the all-time favourite wide leg jeans , skinny jeans and push-up jeans. Stay one step ahead of the game and find the pair that best suits your needs!

Snap up the chance to put together casual outfits with women’s sweatshirtsfrom Pull&Bear, the basics as well as those featuring your favourite characters and bands.
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