Finding the ideal party dress has always meant endless searching. When you find yours, the one that fits you like a glove, that makes you look flawless and puts you in the spotlight on the dance floor, it’s like finding the Holy Grail. You send a photo to your friends, another to your mum: how does it look? This is it! I’ve got it!
Sometimes you need it for a specific event or a special celebration, and others times you don’t even need it… but you still want it. Keeping that gem in the back of your wardrobe will come in handy for those impromptu nights that turn into unforgettable memories. Don’t let the uncertainty of choosing and outfit steal the time meant for having fun.

Short and long party dresses for women

Long evening dresses and short party dresses are a key addition to any well-rounded wardrobe. We wouldn’t say "it’s nice to have”; it’s practically a necessity. We can all relate to taking a look at the year’s event calendar and starting to plan ahead: the traditional gathering with friends for New Year’s, your significant other’s birthday in February, your own celebration in April, your uni friend's wedding in May (morning or afternoon?), the kick-off of concert and festival season in June, a holiday getaway in August, another wedding in September, your anniversary in October, your parents’ golden wedding anniversary in November and a whirlwind of Christmas parties in December... The bottom line: it's wise to have a well-stocked wardrobe; otherwise, you'll find yourself improvising.
Save those short party dresses for daytime weddings and events, as well as evenings on the dance floor. They’re the ideal choice for sticking to protocol and for dancing the night away. When it comes to choosing, the possibilities are endless: from mini babydoll dresses, skater cuts and wrap styles to ruffled, shirt dresses, camisoles, tailored, with puff sleeves, buttons, plunging necklines or deep-cut backs, boat necks, V-necks, strappy, fitted, halter necks, knotted details, zips... You name it. It exists, and we've got it!
For occasions demanding a touch more formality in the dress code, such as evening events and celebrations, choose long evening dresses. Their floor length give style and elegance into your look. Explore playful options with colours and shapes—opt for asymmetry, pleats, trendy prints or voluminous styles.
When pairing them, long evening dresses always call for formal footwear, like sandals and high heels, especially for long dresses. Yet, as always, the final touch to the outfit is your personal choice, allowing you to pair short dresses with your favourite shoes.
These dresses also benefit from delicate accessories to add the perfect finishing touch, with the choice depending on the print and colour you select.

Dazzle with your radiance at every party

To reign as the queen of every party without going unnoticed and maintaining an air of elegance, consider opting for sequined or metallic-toned glittering dresses. Pair them with boots or heels to create distinctive and original looks, transforming yourself into the newfound star of the event, like Taylor Swift during her Eras Tour in her dazzling dresses while singing ‘Bejewelled’.

Explore other alternatives like fringe dresses, available in a variety of colours and versatile enough to pair with any footwear. These dresses feature silver accents and even sequins, ensuring you’ll be the standout figure at every event.

No matter what you're looking for, the Pull&Bear party dress collection offers ideal options for your most important events and your most exciting nights. Discover them!
Whether you’re in search of casual dresses for daily wear or for a leisurely outing, Pull&Bear has a wide range of women's dresses to offer—ranging from shirt dresses, printed styles, and denim dresses to camisoles, embroidered options, and ruffled designs. From sleeveless to strappy dresses, fitted to oversized options, the possibilities are endless!" see more See less