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Men’s Bermudas

Surely you’ve twigged by now. The warm weather is settling in and you can’t wait to see the back of those trousers you’ve been wearing all year long. If you’re starting to feel trapped in your trousers, it’s time to fill your wardrobe with some men’s Bermuda shorts to escape the summer heat.
The days just seem longer when you’re wearing a pair of shorts, don’t they? You can almost hear the faint sound of the waves crashing on the shore, can’t you? You’re all tousle-haired and this time around a motorbike at full speed wasn’t to blame, but instead the sea breeze. There’s no doubt about it, you’ve got a case of the summer fever! So take our advice and head over to the men’s Bermudas section at Pull&Bear to start picturing yourself donning a pair by the beach bar, on a hammock under a palm tree, or wherever makes you happiest!
There’s no point in denying it—men’s denim Bermuda shorts are the quintessential summer staple. Maybe it’s because they go with everything, maybe it’s because they always look so flattering, or maybe it’s because they come to the rescue when we’re stuck on what to wear. We can’t pinpoint it, but we won’t be the ones to question their reign, because we too are huge fans. Plus, much to our delight, the designs are getting more and more varied. Denim shorts? You’ll find plenty, in all styles imaginable. Skinny, slim, classic, frayed, with turn-up hems, raw-cut, ripped, distressed, with patches… Whatever you’re looking for, they’re out there and we stock them.
If you like some variety, don’t fret, because there are plenty of options to choose from. The chino fit has made quite the name for itself in men’s shorts. They’ll bring a sophisticated touch to your outfit and you can find them in a range of colours.Cargo-inspired designs are also all the rage this year. Available mainly in earth tones, khaki and black, there’s nothing your pockets won’t hold. If you’re a festival fanatic, they’ll probably be the wisest option. Wanna give your look a hipster vibe? Go for some skinny shorts, a button-up shirt and some trainers. Don’t forget some long socks, if possible a pair that features two stripes at the top.
This year many fashion followers are pulling off printed designs. They might look like swimming trunks, but they’re not! They’re simply a fun and cool garment for the summer.
So there you have it, there are more options than days left of summer! Have you decided on your favourites yet? see more See less