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Aesthetic and stylistic codes are constantly changing and evolving. What we liked yesterday now bores us, and what we found strange yesterday is now making its way into our wardrobes. This is how it’s been for as long as we can remember and it seems like it will continue to be the case. While certain rules remain universal in other areas, the field of streetwear is one of the most open to experimentation. It’s not just what you wear and what you don’t that changes, it’s also our conception of how and in which situations certain garments can be worn.
Fashion is experiencing a shift in paradigm that has reached even the most popular celebrities. Otherwise, how could we have ever imagined seeing a famous Hollywood star walking down the red carpet wearing a tuxedo and trainers? This is undoubtedly one of the main effects of streetwear fashion, which has managed to make its way into all possible settings.

The keys to a streetwear look

A while ago, we would probably never have imagined that the athleisure look would become a staple day-to-day look, and yet, today it’s a wardrobe must-have. Leaving the house in a tracksuit if you’re not going to the gym? Yes. Going to work in a sweatshirt? That too! Wearing a suit with trainers? Don’t be scared, go all in!
The general lines of the current streetwear trend are more or less defined by: oversize fits, whites and blackscombined with a brighter colour in contrast, nineties inspired print designs, cargo style, sweatshirts, panelled designs, anorak jackets, cotton T-shirts, caps, crossbody bags, high socks...
If the thought of jumping headfirst into this trend is too overwhelming, you can always switch between two styles and stick to the famous theory that it’s best to mix things up. Combine your jeans with a round neck sweatshirt and trainers; wear your jogging trousers with a plain T-shirt and an open overshirt; wear cargo trousers with a hoodie.
The good thing is that if you thought that streetwear was only for young people, you will be happy to know that isn’t the case, age means nothing when you’re fashionable. Combine, mix up different pieces and embrace the streetwear trend wholeheartedly. see more See less