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Women’s Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is one of the most versatile garments in women’s wardrobes. Both because of the convenience of the fabrics it is made from (in general, wrinkle-proof), and because of the almost infinite variety of colours and shades, polos are garments that get you out of trouble, they are comfortable and they always look good on you. Discover how to wear them here, from the most classic to the latest trends in women’s polo shirts.
The polo is a sort of hybrid between a T-shirt and a blouse, and for this reason, they combine the casual style of one with the smarter appearance of the other. This is a multi-purpose garment, with a ribbed collar and buttons at the front, but the opening does not go all the way down. They can have long or short sleeves, and there are even sleeveless designs, ideal for anyone who wants to show off toned arms.

Characteristics of women’s polo shirts

Although they look the same, men’s and women’s polo shirts are different. Obviously, the silhouettes are different; so, even if the label says the same size, women's polos have a wavy cut that seeks to adapt to the contours of the female body. If you are looking for a polo that fits you in all the right places, make sure you choose one designed especially for women. Another difference is that these polos are quite a lot more varied than the men’s styles: raglan sleeves on some models, very stretchy fabrics that stick to your curves, on some more daring designs. Also because of their unusual and attractive combinations of textures, colours, prints and patterns. The length of the sleeves also presents many possibilities: sleeveless, short sleeves, half-length, three-quarter or down to the wrist.

Women’s polo shirts for work

Even though they are a casual garment, versatile polos can complement your office wardrobe. Wear them under a blazer with a pencil skirt, mid-heel shoes and a matching belt; add a long necklace to the outfit and you’ll be ready to face the challenges of your working day. Mind you, don’t forget that the collar of the polo goes inside the blazer or jacket for a flawless and professional look.

To go to class

Women’s polo shirts are incredibly practical and easy to wear. Combine a polo with two-tone stripes, in similar or contrasting colours, with cargo trousers or skinny jeans and some sporty trainers. Leave it outside your trousers or tuck part of the top in at the front for a more modern, stylish look. Add a crossbody bag to fit your notebook and tablet, and add accessories: colourful bracelets, a scarf if the weather is cool, or a soft and cosy sweater.

Polos for enjoying nature and the fresh air

Polo shirts are ideal for trips into the countryside. If you wear them with shorts and cage sandals, you’ll have freedom of movement while you take a walk to enjoy the scenery. Wear a loose-fitting polo and leave it outside your shorts, skirt or trousers, to achieve a relaxed appearance. Light colours are preferable in warmer seasons, as they are cooler under the heat of the sun. Take note: citrus and pastel tones are the top trend in women’s polos this season.

Women’s polos and jeans

The polo shirt is a garment that goes with many others, but it looks especially good with jeans. They are fashion icons in their own right and, like jeans, the women’s polo shirt has that dual quality that allows it to integrate perfectly with anything, whether casual or more elegant. Wear a short sleeved polo and its characteristic buttoned collar with your favourite wide-leg jeans and you’ll be perfect.

Women’s polos for sports and other activities

It’s no coincidence that polos share their name with a sport, as they were born in the middle of the playing field. Women’s short sleeve polos are perfect for wearing on the tennis court to show off your athletic abilities, but also to enjoy an exciting match from the stands. If you’re going shopping, you’ll want a garment that makes you look good, but at the same time, is easy to take off and put on while you try on dozens of outfits with your friends.


Take advantage of this extraordinary garment and get yourself a colourful, varied collection of women’s polos to wear with trousers and skirts, with all your sports clothes, with heels and trainers. Women’s polos, as always, are on trend and go with you wherever you go. see more See less