The overshirt for woman: this garment can solve our wardrobe dilemmas on days when it’s neither hot nor cold, or rather, days when it’s hot and cold all at once. Shackets aren’t just practical, they’re also trendy. This multi-use, multi-purpose and multi-functional garment serves a double purpose, making it both useful and relevant.
If you, like so many others, are a fan of layering, then women’s overshirts are made for you. This style of dressing by adding layers on top of one another is perfectly suited to this garment. When you look at yourself in the mirror and find your look boring, an overshirt can add that special touch you desperately need. Just team it with a basic T-shirt and a pair of trousers in soft hues, to take your look from basic to outstanding.
This garment became hugely popular in the golden age of grunge. Fans can’t go without the checked, lumberjack-style overshirt that was so popular in Seattle in the ’90s—at the height of the grunge movement. Nowadays, we are open to more options, because we like to wear shackets with all kinds of outfits.


Which options will you find in the Pull&Bear collection? To start with, of course, there is no shortage of checked overshirts. But there is much more to choose from: the worker style is one of our favourites—you can pick a denim, faux leather, corduroy or faux suede version. You can also opt for a cropped or below-the-hip style. Generally, when it comes to colours, go for soft and earth-toned hues.
Wear your women’s overshirt with any look, whether it’s a skirt, a pair of trousers or a dress. Everything goes with this versatile garment!
Triumph in between seasons and create ideal outfits from the Pull&Bear collection.
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