Men’s super skinny jeans

Men’s super skinny trousers are one of the hottest trends in menswear. Years ago it would’ve been unthinkable for a man to wear such a design, as it was conceived to shape a woman’s figure. Nowadays, however, you can spot guys wearing this garment all the time. What makes these trousers stand out is their leg-hugging fit, particularly from the knee down to the trouser hem.
When worn on a man’s body, this feature accentuates the calves and the thighs. This trend is a hit among those who opt for style over comfort, as their super tight fit will limit your movements to a certain extent.
These trousers are also commonly referred to as “drainpipes”. They’re so tight, they even cling to the skin around the ankle. Leg lengths vary, however they’re at their trendiest when worn cropped above the ankle. Teamed with shoes or trainers, men’s skinny trousers are a daily go-to that pair well with plenty of top options.
Skinny trousers might seem tight, but super skinny trousers take things one step further in an attempt to achieve a second-skin fit, hugging the leg tightly from hip to hem. They’re normally low-rise, so you’ll have to bear this in mind.
What’s more, they often come with an extra feature on the knees: rips. You can also choose from an impressive selection of denim shades, from lighter to darker, as well as washes and distressed detailing to create that effect that’s so back in fashion right now for men’s super skinny trousers.
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