Backpacks for men

Today's lifestyle means breakneck speeds, fully booked calendars and that we have to be prepared for whatever comes our way. In this whirlwind that sometimes sucks us in, being equipped is important, and so men’s backpacks, crossbody bags and belt bags have become one of the star accessories of men's attire.
If you're one of those guys who leaves home in the morning and doesn’t get back until dinner time, a men's backpack would serve you well. Practical, comfortable and with enough space to carry all of the accessories you’ll need throughout the day. Heading to class, then the library and then you end up playing a match with friends? There’s plenty of room for your notes, computer and trainers. Or maybe your plan is to go to the office and then the gym? Your men’s urban backpack will carry everything you need. Heading off to do some sightseeing in nearby towns? Throw your camera in your backpack and enjoy the views and food.
In the men’s urban backpack collection you can find models in very different styles, but all are ready to withstand the comings and goings of your everyday life. If you're looking for a versatile, comfortable, all-terrain alternative, we suggest a basic model, available in a range of colours, so you can choose your favourite. It's a backpack that will travel to the ends of the earth with you, resistant and functional.
If you prefer originality, in our catalogue you’ll find different options for fabric men’s backpacks with colour block, multi-pocket or rucksack styles. You’ll also find faux leather models, which offer a more elegant touch, perfect for heading to uni or the office. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a sweatshirt, bomber jacket, denim jacket, biker jacket or a long coat, with trainers or shoes, your men’s backpack will never be out of place.
On the other hand, if you’re the type of guy who prefers to pack light, or the situation is a bit different and you don’t need so much gear to survive, your best bet are men’s belt bags. These accessories started out in trap looks and were worn especially by young people. But now they're everywhere, they're tremendously useful and amazingly practical. Men’s belt bags are for everyone now, including for you.
Wear it around your waist or slung across your chest, as if it were a men’s crossbody bag. You have a multitude of styles and colours to choose from, and we know that you’ve asked yourself more than once what it would be like to wear one. Stop wondering! It’s the perfect option for informal looks and will become your inseparable companion for festivals and concerts. Find your favourite at Pull&Bear. see more See less