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Women’s sweatshirts

We’ve all got a few wild card garments in our wardrobe that we know never fail. The ones we always go for when in doubt. Your faded denim jacket is one of them and your white trainers also join the list, which is crowned by those versatile black trousers that always come in handy. So we mustn’t forget your favourite women's sweatshirt, the one you always take "just in case it gets chilly.” Or when you want to be comfy. Or when you just feel like it, because women's sweatshirts are no longer an exclusively sporting affair. Now, too, they’ve joined up with our best street wear looks.
Fortunately, the athleisure aesthetic has allowed us to change the context of sportswear and give it a new lease of life outside the gym. Your women's sweatshirt doesn’t just go with your tracksuit bottoms any more, now you can wear it with joggers, jeans and skirts, and even dresses too! We’ll tell you how.
If you go for a plain or basic design, you can pick a print garment for the bottom part of your look. For instance, a check mini skirt in earth brown tones and a black sports belt. You can start with a sweatshirt with no hood and black trainers, and give your outfit a finishing touch with a matching black belt bag. You can also combine your zip sweatshirt with joggers in the same colour.
For an rock 'n' roll look with a mix of styles, pick a floral mini dress and wear a black hoodie. Wear some military-style boots and go for a backpack as an accessory.
You also have the option of choosing a cropped sweatshirt instead of the classic long women's sweatshirt. It will give you a girlier look and is being worn a lot this season. Want more ideas? Choose high-waisted trousers with the on-trend print: tie-dye. For the top, wear a short, basic sweatshirt in a colour similar to the trousers. For a more urban style, wear cycling shorts, one of the best bets in recent times. On top you could wear a cropped sweatshirt in bold tones like a yellow or a neon green. And for footwear, a pair of platform trainers.
Complete your women's sweatshirt collection from the huge selection at Pull&Bear. Choose your favourite basic designs, zip hoodies, of have fun with prints, play with the oversized sizes and combine the cropped designs in your looks. Wear your hoodie with skinny trousers or your women’s round neck sweatshirt with a midi skirt. As you can see, mixing styles and silhouettes is the order of the day! It’s your best bet!
Also, who says staying home isn’t compatible with having the perfect look? Check out the selection of comfy clothing we’ve put together especially for you! Get the most comfortable clothing at Pull&Bear!
It’s time to enjoy the beautiful weather, and there’s nothing better than updating your summer look with the collection of T-shirts and shorts so you can add that special touch to your plans.

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