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Men’s scarves

You love to go for a walk and feel the breeze on your face, even in summer. You love your new bomber jacket, but you feel like it leaves your neck and throat exposed on days when it's a bit colder. You’re pretty pleased with today’s outfit, but you feel like something’s missing in order to make it flawless. An accessory to finish off the look. You’re familiar with all these situations, right? So you’ll know that all it takes is a men’s scarf to resolve these issues? Multipurpose and functional, it's the accessory you need when the temperatures start to drop.
Sometimes we’re not even aware of the huge difference it makes when you choose your accessories carefully. As we always say, it's the smallest details that create the greatest styles. Scarves and neckerchiefs can turn a great look into an impeccable one.
Men’s scarves are an essential for those colder days. They don’t just protect you against the harsh weather, they are now a must-have item for summer wardrobe attire. They provide a stylish detail capable of bringing a touch of boho, a casual, classic, or elegant feel to your look. It all depends on how you wear them and what you wear them with.
Choose your scarf according to the context. For more formal situations, you can wear a cardigan with a plain coloured or check scarf, while on more laid back occasions you’ll have the chance to play around with many more colours and prints. The way you wear it can also make a big difference to the final result: crossed over your chest, Italian-style, with a double knot, or simply in the most classic way, wrapped once all the way around your neck.
What’s more, if you thought you could only wear this accessory in Spring or summer, you’d be wrong! With a Pull&Bear men’s neckerchief you can add the finishing touch to your outfit at any time of year. For example, on a spring day you can put on a pair of khaki green trousers, a basic white T-shirt, a black denim shirt, worn open like an overshirt and some military style boots. Perfect the look with a classic men's bandanna, tying it around your neck and letting the ends hang down at the front, then add some round sunglasses.
You can also use men's neckerchiefs in a variety of different ways. What about tying a rolled up bandanna around your head, or even your wrist? You can even add it to your backpack or belt bag as a decorative feature. It's up to you; the only limit is your imagination!
In the Pull&Bear collection of men’s scarves you will find the ideal accessories for taking your outfit up a notch. Make a big statement with just one small detail. see more See less