Women’s smart and relaxed trousers

Until recently, smart trousers for women were kept in the back of the wardrobe, set aside for wearing to the office. Only sometimes were they also used for formal dinners or special events. However, their possibilities today are infinite.

Types of smart trousers for women

There are many types of smart trousers for women, each in a different shape to give the look a different style.

Flared smart trousers

Flared smart trousers are very comfortable and never go out of style. They are tightest at the hips and thighs and get gradually wider a little below knee-height.
They're comfortable, perfect for the winter season. The majority are made from cotton. They're perfect for women with an inverted triangle silhouette.

Boyfriend or dad fit smart trousers

This type of smart trousers is straight-cut from the waist to the ankle. They're very comfortable and imitate the form of trousers for men, which is why they're called boyfriend or dad fit.
Because of their shape, they hide the woman's figure and her curves. They are a very cool type of smart trousers and they are perfect for days when, for comfort, you don't want to go with anything too close-fitting.

Women's darted trousers

This is the classic model of smart trousers for women They are widely used in the world of work, such as in the office or at a work meeting. They fit to the contours of the waist and the hips, giving a very feminine look. The leg, on the other hand, is loose-fitting. Therefore they are very comfortable and smart.

Flowing trousers

This kind of trousers is very similar to the flared trousers. They hug the waist very subtly and then fall loosely to the ankles. They can be combined with fitted blouses or T-shirts to give a look a casual or more put-together feel.

Combining smart trousers for women

Until recently, these trousers were combined almost exclusively with shirts and jackets because they were relegated to office outfits and the working world. Trends changed, however, and now they offer many more possibilities. The trick is knowing how to combine them to adapt them to each situation. You can wear some wide-leg, high waist trousers with a matching bodysuit, or pleated trousers with your favourite jacket.

Choose your top wisely

To distinguish your look and make it fit every circumstance, it is very important to know how to choose the top that will accompany your smart trousers. If you want a casual, carefree style, you can choose a basic T-shirt tucked into a pair of flowing smart trousers. For colder days, a sweatshirt or sweater with a high neck with a trench coat on top will provide a trendy touch.
However, if we are planning to go out for a drink, a crop top and darted trousers are a great idea to show our style. This way, we will give our trousers a sexy feel. Smart trousers with a tank top and a jacket are also a comfortable choice for autumn and winter days.
For work, blouses and smart trousers are your number one ally. Blouses tucked into a beautiful belt are a safe bet. If you also add a jacket to the outfit, you will be sure of success.

Pay close attention to your shoes

The shoe is another accessory that will express your style. There were very few options for varying footwear with smart trousers for women, but that has changed in recent times. Now you don't need to limit yourself to smart shoes: you can take a risk and join in with the latest trends.
If you want to look casual, but fashionable, trainers are your best friends. Try wearing your favourite smart trousers with trainers and go out into the street looking comfortable and up-to-date. Metallic, white, black or a bright colour, anything can be a good option. Boots also look great with smart trousers. Tuck the trousers into your shoes and you'll score a thousand points. On warmer days, combine them with thin sandals or pointed toe heels that show your ankles. If the occasion allows, put on your pool sandals and you'll be amazed at the combination.


There are a lot of examples of how smart trousers have entered more circles than just working life. All we need to do is open our minds and get rid of those corporate clothing ideas in our heads. It's not just jeans that can be our best friends: give trendy smart trousers for women a chance and take advantage of that garment forgotten in your wardrobe. see more See less