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Joggers for women

The dictionary of fashion gets new words in it almost every season. One recently incorporated word that we’ve embraced with enthusiasm because of the idea, is women’s joggers. We can already hear the first question you’re going to ask: Joggers? What are they? It’s really simple: they’re a new trouser trend where the main feature is an elastic waistband with drawstrings for tightening. But if you’ve got an elastic waistband with drawstrings, aren’t they tracksuit bottoms? The answer is no, although yes, they have been inspired by tracksuit bottoms, which makes them exceptionally comfortable.
Joggers let you create impeccable looks without sacrificing even a hint of comfort. Keeping this in mind, everything points to the fact that they’re worthwhile, right? Well it’s true. This trend has arrived to make our lives easier.
If we had to define women’s joggers to a person who’d never heard of them, we could mention these points and it would definitely give the person a good idea of what they are. And they’d want a pair of their own for sure! We’d say that they’re as comfortable as tracksuit bottoms, as elegant as chinos and as versatile as leggings. Knowing that, who wouldn’t want a pair of them in their wardrobe?
Joggers can help you combine designs from a range of styles, from the sportiest to the most refined and elegant, so they move between tracksuit bottoms and chinos.
Let’s create an office look with women’s joggers as the main event: pick your monochrome trousers in black, with length above the ankle. Opt for a white knit sweater with a round or high neck. On top, a checked blazer in grey tones. If you have a meeting, slip on some mid-heel ankle boots; if not, go for some white trainers. You’ll be more comfortable and look just as good.
For a sportier outfit, listen up. Go for joggers with contrasting side stripes. For example, grey with black stripes down the sides. Grab a black crop top with a high neck. On your feet, choose sandals for summer and trainers for summer. Grab a hoodie if it’s chilly. Don’t forget your maxi sunglasses and a backpack to finish off the outfit.
There’s another trend that’s on par with the comfort of this type of trouser: cargo-style joggers. As well as being comfortable, they have multiple pockets. It doesn’t get any handier than this!
Go on, dare yourself with some joggers. Style them for all kinds of situations and you’ll be uber-chic without sacrificing comfort. Find your favourites at Pull&Bear and create your perfect outfit!
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