Women’s sweaters

Women’s sweaters have always been and will always be the star garment par excellence. When you decide to get one, you’re usually looking for warmth and comfort, but of course, always stylish!
Pull&Bear offers you wool and chenille sweaters. With roll neck, round or multiway collars. Long, cropped or oversize. With diamonds, blocks or colour block. And, of course, the legendary openwork crochet sweaters and arm warmers are available.
In the Channel Islands during the 15th century, a tradition of “knitted garments” emerged. This custom consisted of fishermen using a very cold and waterproof covering. As early as the 16th century, when they began to import wool, because they produced some of the best merino wool, they gave knitted items to royalty in exchange. This garment has always been characteristic of the workers of the time, but it was also worn by royalty, although it was unknown at the time.
At first the sweaters were made in a single piece from English wool, but for the Winter they were made from other, cooler materials such as cotton. They were also hand-sewn and the colour was navy blue.
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