Joggers for men

It’s one of those fashion terms that we should all include in our vocabulary: men’s jogging trousers. Why? Because they’ll make your life easier from the moment they enter your wardrobe. Joggers are those trousers that look like a tracksuit, but can work like chino trousers and achieve a perfect harmony between looking great without giving up comfort.
The identifying trait of these men’s sporty trousers is their elasticated drawstring waist. Apart from that, the fabric, the design and even the cut may vary, but there’s always a characteristic that remains: comfort. Some have elasticated cuffs as well, which are fitted around the ankle, a revamped version of muscle pants. This means that your footwear takes on special prominence because it is completely exposed — the perfect opportunity to show off our best trainers. Others, instead of being fitted on the leg, have a straight cut, and many others have turned-up cuffs. Different ways of wearing the same style.
We’re familiar with men's baggy trousers because of their comfort, but we fell in love with them because of their versatility in adapting to different contexts. We’re taking them out of their sporty environment to give them new life off the track. So much so that, against all odds, we’ve even used them to create some of the most formal looks.
A few years ago it would have seemed crazy to go to class, to work and even to go out at night in what could have been considered “tracksuit bottoms”, but men’s jogging trousers have been able to position themselves as a comfortable, modern alternative for a variety of situations. Their loose fit allows room for movement, and so they have become the perfect option for making everyday tasks easier.
There are an infinite number of possibilities of what to wear with your joggers: Choose a more classic shirt to get a put-together look; combine the shirt how you want... tucked in, untucked, plain, printed... And get a casual look! If you want an even more formal feel (or it’s getting a bit cold), put a knit sweater on top and pair them with trainers to get the perfect look.
If an informal plan comes up, choose a cotton T-shirt, whether it be basic, printed or with a slogan. Complete the look with a bomber jacket, your favourite sporty trousers and some urban trainers.
Don't be afraid to add men’s jogging trousers to your wardrobe, you’ll see how you add design, functionality and comfort to your everyday outfits. Find your favourites in the Pull&Bear collection and get a look that's a 10.
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