Men's basic clothing

Men’s basic clothing is clothing that solves style dilemmas for you most days. It doesn’t matter what you have to do that day or what plans might come up because well-chosen basics will always work.
Having a good collection of men’s basic clothing is a must to make your life easier so you don’t end up staring into your wardrobe for half an hour every day, opening drawers, moving hangers, just waiting for inspiration to strike. As you have no time to lose, the more basic, save-the-day pieces you have in your wardrobe, the more likely you are to get the morning off to a great start before you even leave the house. We owe so much to basics!
To start with, having a selection of basic T-shirts in every colour is a must. In all styles and for every occasion: long sleeve for when it’s cold, short sleeve for when temperatures rise, vests for special occasions when you want to show more arm. Not forgetting the cut or pattern of each T-shirt: loose or tailored, with a round or V-neck, a more open or closed neckline, wide or fitted sleeves, waist-length or even longer. They may be basic, but they offer endless possibilities.
You should also pay attention to your shirts too as you’ll often have to resort to them. With a few T-shirts in different colours, you can easily create your outfits. Combine them with your sweaters or cardigans. Or even with sweatshirts. Wear a plain shirt under a bomber jacket or a corduroy jacket with faux shearling lining for a classic/modern mix. The good thing about basic shirts is that you can pair them with other more eye-catching garments.
Your men’s basic clothing has to include a garment that we turn to time and time again and one that is also very wearable: the sweatshirt. With a round neck or the classic hoodie with drawstrings and a pouch pocket. Cosy, snug and comfortable, we could live in a sweatshirt forever.
Finally, moving down our outfit, we can’t forget to talk about basic trousers - those all-rounders that go everywhere with you, forming part of the most varied looks. Even though you’ve got all kinds of trousers, these are by far the ones you wear most. Obviously, they go with anything!
Fill your wardrobe with men’s basic clothing and you'll see that no occasion will catch you off guard. see more See less