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Women’s denim dresses

The denim dress has come to solve all of our style issues! Yes, you read that right. There will be mornings when you open your wardrobe and you’re filled with dismay at what’s in front of you. You’ll have feelings of indecision and doubt. You have nothing to wear! Does this go with that? Do polka dots go with stripes? Do blue and green really clash? Well, with your denim dress you’ll no longer need to worry about what matches… Because it goes with everything!
This versatile garment is one of our favourite wardrobe essentials. For its functionality, since, like a best friend, it’s there whenever you need it the most. For its comfort, as there is nothing comfier than slipping on your denim dress, wherever it is you’re going. And for its style. We can’t deny it; the denim dress is the queen of day-to-day fashion and belongs in so many of our outfits. Where would we be without denim?!
What’s certain is that this fabric has survived the test of time like no other, and has been left pretty much unaltered throughout all those years, maintaining its essence. Denim originated in the 19th century, when it was employed to make resistant garments worn by the workers in their day-to-day labour (such as miners, farmers, ranchers and railway workers). But it wasn’t until last century, in the ‘60s, when this classic fabric became popular. Certain film icons began to wear denim to symbolise their rebellious youth. By the ‘70s it had become a classic. It was universally known and was present in every social class. As the years went on, different washed-out effects became popular in various types of clothing, until finally we saw the arrival of one of our favourites: the denim dress!
Nowadays the possibilities for denim dresses are endless, and there are infinite ways they can be customised. With embroidery, fraying or unfinished edging, with patches, patchwork, or studs, with a faded effect, buttons or pockets… Fitted or shirt-style, oversize, dungarees, pinafore dresses, in all different lengths and styles.
Wear it on its own or with your favourite items of clothing. The great thing is that this fabric looks great with everything! To inject a splash of colour, tie a bow in your hair and put on some animal print ankle boots. If you’re going for a more rock-chick look, try some platform boots and a black studded handbag . For a more sporty appearance, put on some chunky trainers and wear a brightly coloured backpack .
At Pull&Bear you’ll find a range of denim dresses which you’ll love, whatever your taste. This fashion basic is a wardrobe essential. see more See less