Men's Ripped Jeans

When we think of men's ripped jeans, we think that they are a completely new and current trend, but that couldn't be further from the truth. We must always bear in mind that fashion repeats itself and so what we can get in shops these days could have been the same many years ago.
From the third decade of the 20th century, they became a typical garment for workers. But it wasn’t until the 1960s that they began to influence the fashion world, although their greatest boom took another twenty years.
If there’s one thing that characterises this style of jeans, it is the infinite number of options available, so that you can choose the right style according to the context: a formal celebration, a rock concert, going to the office or even enjoying a trip to the countryside.
On the other hand, ripped, distressed jeans or unstitched styles are not the same on any pair of trousers. We’re giving you all the options so that you can find the style of ripped jeans that you like the most.

Types of ripped jeans for men

In this day and age, we can find many styles of ripped jeans that allow us to choose the ones that best suit our tastes.
Straight cut ripped jeans are the most common. This is the style that helps to flatter both the width and length of the legs. They're comfy, classic and perfect for every occasion. If you want to be fashionable from top to bottom, pair them with high-top trainers or boots. Also, with a basic T-shirt, you will achieve a timeless style.
Men's ripped skinny jeans are characterised by their tight fit, which makes them more daring.
Slim fit jeans have a more elegant touch, so they are perfect for those who want a bit of a looser fabric but who want a less rebellious appearance than with skinny or straight cut.
In this case, the rips in men's jeans are slightly less noticeable, with small tears in the fabric, instead of the total rip itself. It gives it a different touch, as if there were some friction that has left a mark on the trousers. In this way, the skin is barely visible. These type of ripped jeans are ideal for pairing with a shirt or tight sweaters.
As for shoes, if you want to be fashionable from top to bottom, it doesn’t matter what fit you want—pair them with some high-top trainers or boots, together with a basic T-shirt, and you’ll achieve a timeless style.
Using a belt can also add an extra touch to your outfit, with different widths, materials, colours and shapes. Choose your favourite ripped jeans and be a trendsetter!
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