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Dad-fit trousers

As everyone knows, fashion is continuously changing and evolving. Trends alternate and some make way for new ones – and dad-fit trousers are definitely one of the rising garments this season.
Dad-fit trousers have certain features that make them unique and different to other models. They’re also hugely versatile and comfortable.
These distinctive trousers hark back to vintage fashion and are a reminder of the clothing worn by your grandparents and parents. Dad-fit trousers are a far cry from the skinny trousers that we’ve been used to seeing in recent seasons and have special features that make them unique: they’re slightly oversized chino-style trousers with a high waist and wide leg.
This makes dad-fit trousers extremely versatile when matching them with other clothing, and they can be worn with many different garment styles.

How to match dad-fit trousers

There are many options but if you go for monochrome dad-fit trousers you’ll find it really easy to create outfits by matching them with other shades. If you prefer, you could opt for eye-catching contrasts to create more daring looks.
Another idea is matching dad-fit trousers with printed designs. This category includes a wide range of options, such as animal, floral or print designs, and also checks.
Basic clothing in pastel shades, such as short sleeve T-shirts or tops, are perfect for wearing on any occasion. What’s more, during the colder months of the year, fitted or slightly oversize shirts or knitted sweaters are certain to hit the mark.
As for shoes, you can choose between different options depending on the look you would like to achieve. Some of the most popular include:
Trainers: if you’re going for a relaxed, sporty style, some trainers are the perfect way to complete your look.
Shoes: matching shoes with your dad-fit trainers is the best choice for a smart and formal outfit.
Boots: you could also opt for some bootsfrom the range of footwear choices. If you’d like to emphasise your figure, choose shoes with a heel.
Get with the trend and join the fans of dad-fit trousers to make a groundbreaking statement.
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