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Women’s pouch pocket jackets

Trends with athleisure looks take items traditionally reserved for sport and introduce them into other areas, like street style. The origin of these loans is likely to come from several focal points, but a lot of it is down to celebrities who started to wear their gym clothes for other occasions, until it became a trend,
thus creating a new sports clothes concept. It began with leggings, then sporty tops, trainers, caps and tracksuit bottoms (you could say that today’s joggers are a more formal take on the latter). The same thing happened with the women’s pouch pocket jacket, those with a windbreaker (quite literally) style, raincoats, sweatshirts and sporty coats. If we were to combine all these items in a cocktail, the result would be the typical pouch pocket jacket.
Athleisure trends have become more and more popular. These particular types of items are used to do sport because they’re comfortable and allow for great freedom of movement. Therefore, how could we not be happy that their use is expanding? As we’ve already mentioned before, comfort doesn’t have to be at odds with fashion.
The main feature that gives pouch pocket jackets their name is its large pocket on the front. These jackets have side and/or top openings so that you can keep your hands warm when the temperatures drop.
Another advantage of the pouch pocket jacket is how lightweight it is, while still protecting against the cold, wind and rain. There is typically a hood, elasticated cuffs, a zip that you can zip right up to cover your neck and sometimes, an elasticated hem that you can tighten to fit your body. All of these details help keep us in safe hands when the weather takes a turn for the worse. After all, it ends up being so practical.
When it comes to pairing your jacket, the most successful looks will be those that maintain a sporty vibe. Therefore, it’ll go perfectly with your favourite leggings or jeans. Always go for trainers to maximise comfort and to carry on the style of the top half of your outfit.
If you also love this style, which borrows items from sporty trends and introduces them into your day-to-day looks, don’t miss out on getting your women’s pouch pocket jacket. Comfort and the latest trends are waiting for you! see more See less