Women’s Festival Clothing

Spring is here and the festival season is officially open. Primavera Sound is back with a bang! Just take a look at this year's lineup! But these upcoming events can lead to doubts: what festival to choose? which has the best lineup? tent or no tent? And the most common question for fashion lovers: How should I dress for a festival?

Festival fashion for this season

Summer festivals are the perfect excuse for getting away with your friends for a few days of good music and a great atmosphere. This is why a great outfit is so important if you want to make sure all eyes are on you.
Festivals are designed for enjoying the outdoors, but they’ve also turned into a virtual fashion show with all the latest fashion trends. Festivals have undoubtedly been crowned “the new catwalks.” This is where we have every opportunity to have our fifteen minutes of fame and become the real focal point of selfies and flashing cameras. Pull&Bear proposes a series of ideas so you know what to wear at your next festival.

How should I dress for a festival?

Never underestimate outfits that seem too casual or overly extravagant: there is plenty of room at these events for any and every style you may choose to wear. Sometimes the weather's not on our side and it might rain. If that happens, just take out our exclusive festival-ready raincoat. Our sweatshirts in different colours, with oversize and fitted designs, should always have a place in your backpack.
At Pull&Bear, we’ll tell you the first rule for making sure you’re festival ready: whatever you choose to wear, make sure it’s comfortable. The key to finding the right style lies not only in your outfit’s originality or how closely it matches your personality, but being comfortable is very important, and if your outfit is très chic, you already have everything you need. Fresh looks with shorts or a mini skirt, for example, are always good staple options. Short dresses are also great for these occasions, and we have a simple and varied selection, ranging from plain to printed or crochet. The iconic denim shorts are always a huge hit at festivals, so why complicate things? Sometimes all you need is to pair these with a gilets, T-shirts or crop tops to achieve the look you want.
Tops have gained a lot of ground over T-shirts, and at Pull&Bear we have them in every style you can imagine. If one day you want a more polished style, we recommend sequins—lightweight, informal but with a touch of class and unique originality.

The best footwear for the event

Footwear is another key point when it comes to dressing for a festival; sandals and a pair of your favourite trainers should always be in your bag. Trainers are bang on trend and the perfect option. At Pull&Bear, we have them in every possible colour, design and print, with and without a platform and with or without laces—they are all waiting to be discovered. A pair of military boots to match your denim shorts wouldn't be a bad idea, but make sure the look works from head to toe.
And the last tip? Never forget your sunglasses, your swimsuit or bikini (if the festival is close to a beach or swimming pool), and sunblock. You're going to need to carry all this stuff somewhere, so how about trying our festival tote bags?
Done! You already have a few ideas, so you know how to dress for a festival and dazzle at the next one you go to.
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