There are two times of year when the way we dress is guided by the “wear what you want” mantra. To put it into context: when winter starts giving way to sunny days and warmer temperatures, the clocks go forward, giving us more daylight hours—basically, spring has arrived; and then there’s another time of year when the exact opposite happens: the summer nights start to get cooler, the days get shorter—in short, autumn has arrived. The beginning of both of these transitional seasons is what could be called “crazy weather”, because you could wear a coat or sandals and nobody would bat an eyelid. However, there are some garments that are perfectly suited to these seasons. Lightweight women’s jackets are a perfect example: they strike the perfect balance between cold and hot, the ultimate answer to the “what should I wear” dilemma, when a coat is too warm and short sleeves... well, fall short.

Sporty, anorak or safari-style lightweight women’s jackets

At Pull&Bear we are experts in transitional clothing, if you’re looking for women’s nylon jackets, you’ve come to the right place. Our collection is extensive and strives to always provide the perfect option for every look.
Fans of colourful looks and ‘90s athleisure outfits won’t be able to resist our collection. Our lightweight women’s anorak jackets, made of nylon with a panelled design are all you need for these transitional days. Choose your favourite colour combination, with bright, strong colours or pastel hues.
Another option that you’ll love is our packaway light anorak jacket. What is it? This, my friend, is the height of convenience. Never again will you have the “Should I bring a jacket in case I get cold?” dilemma. This garment has 2 different modes: jacket or bag. So if you don’t want to wear it, you just hang it on your shoulder!
Or if you prefer a more safari-style look , we suggest you pick one of our short parkas in khaki or mustard yellow shades. These jackets are inspired by sportswear and you can wear them as part of a casual look. For example, here’s a very basic look: Mom trousers in black, with one of our merchandising T-shirts and some platform sandals with jute soles. What’s more, this type of lightweight women’s jackets look great with a skirt or dress, especially mini ones. Try it!
What are you waiting for? Find your lightweight women’s jacket at Pull&Bear for those days when you don’t know what to wear—it’ll be your saviour on countless occasions. see more See less