Men’s polos: what kinds there are and how to take advantage of this garment

Polos, as we all know, are a type of T-shirt with a buttoned collar, that never goes out of style. Today, it is an indispensable garment in every man’s wardrobe and its main advantage is its versatility.
Most men’s polo shirts are knitted, which is the fabric that results from intertwining threads in a loop. However, within this there are two very common types of polo.
The first is the piqué, a type of thick textured knit that makes a very breathable garment. The second is jersey, which, as its name implies, gives the garment a smoother look more like a sweater or T-shirt.

Types of men’s polos

There are many varieties of men’s polos, depending on the fabric they are made from. So, depending on the material, they could give our look a smarter, more casual or more sporty style.

Silk polo shirts

This kind of polo provides a more distinguished effect, as silk is a very stylish and elegant fabric. Polos in this material are perfect for a dinner with friends or other occasions when we want to look a bit smarter than usual.
The only disadvantage with silk polos is that they need special care and they are easily stained.

Linen polo shirts

Linen polos are very resilient and are made from plant fibres. Plus, it is a very breathable fabric, even more so than cotton. It gives a sporty, very comfortable and cool look for summer evenings.

Pure cotton polo shirts

Cotton is a very soft and comfortable fabric, perfect for men’s polo shirts. Plus, it absorbs heat very well, so it is a good option for the summer months. And as if that wasn’t enough, cotton polos are extremely durable and very economical. However, they shrink easily.

How to wear a polo shirt

Although at the beginning this garment was limited to white, today there are all kinds of men’s polo shirts. There are striped, plain or printed polos, with long or short sleeves; in silk or cotton. Plus, they provide great versatility and they are a good option for going out for a drink, taking a walk or even going to work.

Tucked in or untucked?

Both ways of wearing a men’s polo shirt can look great. However, it depends on the occasion. If you’re looking for a more formal style, such as lunch or having drinks with friends, it is best to tuck it into your trousers accompanied by a nice belt. However, if it is a more informal situation, you can add a casual touch by leaving it outside your trousers.

What kind of trousers can you wear with a men’s polo shirt?

As we said, polo shirts are well-suited to all kinds of situations. The same garment can work for different occasions depending on how we wear it.
If you’re after a more put-together look, it is best to wear it with chinos and tuck it into your trousers. On the other hand, for a more casual outing, a good option is to wear the polo with jeans.

Striped, plain or printed polos

It’s a good idea to have a few plain polo shirts as staples of your wardrobe, as these are easy to combine and never go out of style. However, designs with small prints are on trend and are really fun to wear on summer days in a beer garden with friends.
Striped polo shirts are also very fashionable, varying their colours and the thickness of the lines every year. We can combine these with Bermuda shorts for the summer months or with a blazer for a more formal touch.

What shoes to wear with a men’s polo shirt

Footwear is very important when it comes to dressing. Even if you’re dressed to impress, if your shoes are wrong, your look will fail. Therefore you must choose the shoes to go with your polo carefully.
Go for some trainers in neutral colours on casual days, along with some jeans or light chinos. However, if the occasion is worth dressing up for, wear some leather Derby shoes or loafers.


In short, this garment has become an outfit that every man needs, thanks to all of the possibilities and comfort it offers. Whatever your style, you must have a polo shirt in your wardrobe. The only thing you need to do is play with its colours and forms and know how to wear it to reflect your personality. Have fun looking for your favourite prints or go for the classic plain style, but make sure you take full advantage of this garment. There are men’s polo shirts for everyone: you just have to find yours. see more See less