Hair accessories

Have you noticed? The fashion barometer is on the rise; hair accessory fever is here. As is often the case, we saw this on the catwalks first, which made us go "wow!”; shortly after, celebrities and trendsetters were seen wearing them, which means that, before long, they’ll be part of the street style. Before we knew it, hair accessories started flooding social networks and now we're all wearing them.It's the cycle of fashion.
This boomerang trend effect takes us back to our youth in a flash, when we wore colourful hair grips, eye-catching hair slides, headbands and fashion jewellery. The days of being bored of your hairstyle, of always looking the same, of searching for new ideas, because in the end you always do your hair in the same way, those days are over. Now you can decorate not only your clothing, but also your hair!
We’d almost forgotten about them, but we’ll soon see them everywhere: hair scarves have become the most sought-after item. They're a versatile accessory that can be worn in many different ways. You can wear it like a bandana with your hair down, like a headband, leaving the loose ends under your hair, or with your hair up, knotting it around your ponytail or bun, or laced into a braid... The possibilities are endless! It will make your hairstyle stand out and give it a touch of romanticism.
You can also do away with the standard ponytail and tie a ribbon around your hair, or wear a headband. Try it with a low bun, or a messy updo.
Another way to add a little extra to your hairstyle is with the new scrunchies from our collection. With bright colours, prints and striking combinations, they’ll add volume and a bit of nostalgia to your hairdo, since they’ll probably remind you of your childhood.
Hair slides are also having a new moment in the spotlight. These decorative items for hair are being worn by influencers and fashion icons, setting the trend for what is also being worn on the high street. Accessories are big, with eye-catching colours, or sparkly beads. You can wear them by putting several different pieces in the same style on the sides of your head. It’s easy to do: if you part your hair down the middle, you can put a hair slide on each side to pull your hair back; if you part your hair to the side, you can put them all on the same side. And if you wear your hair up, you can put them wherever you like.
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