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Lingerie-Inspired Clothing: Intimates

Lingerie has come a long way in the fashion world over the last few years. It used to be something you only wore to bed, and all you needed was for it to be comfy and basic—nobody ever worried about what print, colour or cut it had.
Today, however, things have changed: now lingerie isn’t just for sleeping in. We love staying on-trend—even if we’re staying in or simply going to bed. Today the lingerie outfit is no longer a simple two-piece trouser and top set; now there’s any number of combos you can throw together, including robes, T-shirts, tops, shorts, etc.
Surely you have that typical outfit in your wardrobe that you use when you’re just hanging out by yourself at home and all you want is to feel cosy and warm, or a favourite sweatshirt you like to use as a pyjama top. But of course you’ll also have another one stowed away for staying on-trend, even if it’s just paired with your more basic pieces.
If you don’t have one, or the one you have is out of style, or even if you just feel like you need a new one, then you can’t miss our latest Pull&Bear Intimates collection! In this new lingerie-inspired clothing collection you’ll find different accessories that’ll make you feel elegant enough to go out, as if you were wearing your best dress. Fortunately, fashion lingerie has evolved, as people are no longer only wearing it only to bed. This has resulted in garments with updated silhouettes that are no longer so basic—now they flatter your shape the same as a pair of trousers or a dress.

The perfect lingerie-inspired outfit

Want to find out more? In this new collection, we’ve included camisole tops, shorts and camisole crop tops that you can use to create any number of combos! The fabric is the same, so you only have to mix and match pieces with your favourite colours that represent you best. That way you’ll have several outfits for any occasion. To top off the look, we have matching robes and lingerie-style trousers, for those times when you feel like wrapping yourself up a bit more to watch a film with friends, or when you’re out on the patio of your home sipping a morning cup of tea.
And to add the finishing touch, you’ll have to add matching sandal slippers. In line with the style of the collection, the pieces are lined with faux fur so they’ll feel warm and cosy, as well as stylish.
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