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Paperbag waist trousers for women

When you look at your wardrobe, is monotony staring back at you? Is the same design duplicated across all the pairs of trousers you own? Maybe it’s time to add a bit of variety with your next purchases. A great way to change things up is by opting for some paperbag trousers: they’re comfortable, functional and very fashionable. Want to find out more?
The first thing that will have drawn your attention to this kind of garment is its name. This is related to the shape that distinguishes the top—attached to the waist, the belt pulls in to create a kind of scrunch at the top of the trousers, which is reminiscent of the classic paper bag.
The shape of paperbag trousers originates in menswear designs. Traditionally, this type of trouser concept has been associated with the gentleman’s suit jacket. Little by little, women’s fashion has been embracing this shape, and these trousers are now one of the hottest, most popular looks.
The cut of these trousers is characterised by a high-rise, figure-hugging waistline. They also usually feature flowing silhouettes, which don’t cling to the leg. These two attributes make them an alternative that is as flattering as it is comfortable and versatile. They usually require a belt, although they can be held up at the waist with an elastic strap, ties or with a button and zip.
It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that paperbag trousers are a trending favourite. Celebrities and influencers around the world have been wearing them in some of their most acclaimed outfits.
In the Pull&Bear collection, you’ll find a wide variety of designs, be it monochrome or print, ankle-cut or long. This variety means you can explore different styles and ways of wearing them. When pairing them, always tuck the garment you choose for the top of your outfit inside your paperbag trousers, unless it’s a crop top. You can pair them with a T-shirt, bodysuit, shirt or blouse, a sweater… With whatever you like best.
Paperbag trousers can bring a touch of elegance to any look, so they’re the perfect choice for days when you have a meeting at the office, or for any event with a more formal dress code, worn with a blazer and some stilettos. On the other hand, if you prefer wearing your paperbag trousers in a more casual or relaxed setting, you can pair them with trainers instead of ankle boots or shoes. The key is always in how to style them.
If you still don’t own a pair of paperbag trousers, this season is the time to get some. Comfortable, flattering and perfect for any situation—you can’t go wrong! see more