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If you’re wondering what the basic ingredients are for your casual look this season, we’re here to give you some ideas so you can fully embrace the trend.
What does a casual look mean to you? There are several requirements: you need to feel comfortable, with a touch of elegance, and feel prepared for what’s coming, because you’re wearing an outfit that won’t look out of place in any setting. All of these elements create a perfect balance for the urban look you need.

Never go wrong with your casual clothing

The key to creating a casual yet attractive look is wearing basic and simple garments that you can embellish with bolder accessories. If you want to stand out with the latest trends, take note. Here are some tips.
Oversize designs are winning the battle against tailored garments that were more popular a while ago. Comfortable, baggy clothing that gives a light feel to your outfit.
Garments with a basic design. Straight leg trousers, soft draped shirts, with simple designs, and pockets to make fashion more practical. Opt for round necks, although mock necks and high necks also work. For shirts, opt for a classic or stand-up collar.
And soft hues. Light colours, whites, beiges, light blues. To create a contrast, pick dark and basic shades: blacks, navy blues, browns and khaki greens.
When it comes to drawings and prints, we’re moving away from monochrome garments to simple motifs on fabric, especially checks. Prints on T-shirts and sweatshirts feature geometric shapes: squares, rectangles, circles and orderly shapes. Messages on T-shirts and lettering also add to the designs.

Add trainers or military style boots to finish off your casual look.

Footwear follows the general trends we’ve seen for the rest of clothing. Trainers are the queen of shoes at the moment and it seems that they will continue to be. Trainers can be worn with jeans, with joggers and with chinos, anything goes. If possible, with a chunky sole. For your casual look, in line with everything we’ve just mentioned, choose simple styles, in basic colours: white, black, grey, earth brown, khaki. White, black or caramel-coloured soles. If you wear them with Bermuda shorts or shorts, don’t forget to add some long socks, pulled up high or with creased cuffs, whatever you prefer!
For the perfect addition to your urban looks, add a pair of military or worker styleboots, with laces, topstitching and/or a reinforced toecap. Wear them with cropped trousers and flaunt them as much as you like.
Now you have all the tips for creating your best casual looks, there’s no outfit you won’t be able to pull off. see more See less