If we made a mind map of all the desirable qualities you look for in an item of clothing, we’d come up with concepts like functional, comfortable, practical, fashionable, easy to pair, easy to wear in different situations, pleasant to look at (duh), affordable… Each and every one of these characteristics lines up with the garment category we’re talking about today: men’s gilets and vests. Possibly underappreciated, probably underused and definitely the newest focus of our attention. Open up your wardrobe because we have something new for you.
We’re sure there’s been at least one gilet or vest in your life that you now remember with a smile. That’s what happens with garments that have something special, as in this case. Your mother will have chosen it, that’s for sure, and it was probably a knit vest. Then came your denim vest, which made you feel like a film star, or your explorer’s vest, which made you look like Indiana Jones hunting for the crystal skull when you wore it. To sum it up, it’s fair to say that we’ve all had an important men’s (or boy’s) gilet or vest during our lifetimes.

It’s time to bring gilets and vests back into your wardrobe!

At Pull&Bear, we want to help you reconnect with these memorable garments and turn them back into a special, unique part of your wardrobe. We’ve designed a range so you can choose the men’s gilet or vest that best suits your style.
One trend that’s been very much in fashion over the last few years is the padded gilet. In our collection, you’ll find all our versions, which we want you to adapt to your own style.
The multi-pocket or utility designs are the ideal way to introduce this type of item back into your wardrobe. They’re a great match with the safari and cargo styles that are big at the moment, and they’re also amazingly practical at the same time.
The one thing all our models have in common is how comfortable they are. Men’s gilets and vests can bring a dose of personality to your look without compromising on comfort. They allow you to move around completely freely: 100% comfort; 0% restriction.
A tip for you: when deciding what to wear with your gilet or vest, they always go best with trousers. Best not to wear them with Bermuda shorts. They’ll look great with your jeans, joggers, cropped chinos or tailored trousers. The most important thing is your attitude.
Add a men’s gilet or vest to your wardrobe and imagine all the new outfits awaiting you. see more See less