Women’s tops

If we had to think back to all the T-shirts we’ve treasured over the course of our lives, we probably wouldn’t be able to list them all… However, there are a few that still hold a place close to our hearts for one reason or another. Because your friends loved it when you were little and you were the envy of them all. Because it reminds you of that special date you went on so long ago. Because you looked great in it and it made you feel like a diva… There are numerous reasons, but what we know for sure is that every T-shirt has a special something that draws us towards them.
You won’t find many garments as comfy and wearable—that adjective we love to hear when it comes to mixing and matching clothes—as a woman’s T-shirt. Whether you’re hitting the shops, going to the cinema, off for a stroll or headed to the office… Even for important events! You’ll look stunning in a basic T-shirt or a top, some mom trousers and a blazer, topped off with some heels. This is just an example, we could come up with thousands of options!
Another advantage to T-shirts is that there’s a wide selection for you to choose from. From basic T-shirts to the umpteen options Pull&Bear’s collection of women’s T-shirts has to offer, featuring all kinds of motifs and prints. Plus, there are so many different ways to combine them.
If you’ve been on the lookout for T-shirts recently, you’ll have realised that this season is brimming with designs that make a statement. We’re part of a generation that wants to be heard, which is why our clothing is designed to be a means of expression.
If you’re a fan of the big screen and series, and love to reminisce about your favourite childhood cartoons, then you won’t be able to resist our latest collection. Your favourite characters are waiting for you at our online store, eager to help you remember the adventures that gave you so many great moments. Now that princesses are being shown in a different light and no longer need Prince Charming, evil witches aren’t so evil and girl power is stronger than ever. Don’t miss out on yours!
Retro is in, so get ready to return to the innocence of your childhood years with women’s T-shirts that are bringing back old logos of some of the most well-known brands. Soft drinks, games, snacks… You’re bound to get a teeny bit nostalgic.
As for prints, you’ll find a wide range to cater to all tastes. Animal prints, checks, classic stripes, patterns, floral, camouflage, tie-dye, abstract designs… Take your pick! Let’s not forget that no wardrobe is complete without some basic T-shirts.
Take a look at our collection of women’s T-shirts, but beware! You’ll have to restrain yourself from buying them all!
Snap up the chance to put together casual outfits with women’s sweatshirtsfrom Pull&Bear, the basics as well as those featuring your favourite characters and bands.
If you’re looking for a comfortable and elegant outfit for work, you can finish off your look by teaming a blazer with a shirt or blouse and trousers. It never fails! see more See less